Bloom socket

Why not make an ordinary object, like a electric socket, both functional as well as decorative? This is the idea behind Mina Wu’s Bloom Socket. Mina, who is living in Amsterdam, was born in Taiwan. Because of her multicultural background, Mina combines Dutch conceptual thinking with Asian-style handicraft. She has studied jewellery design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and is now taking a Master course in conceptual and contextual design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Mina about the idea behind the Bloom Socket: “I like those kinds of things that everyone has but no one notices. I just pick them up and make people notice them. For my graduation at the Rietveld Academy I made hand-drawn wallpaper decorated with flowers. The flowers grow into the electric socket because the electric socket is part of a wall and I don’t want to ignore it and leave it as a plain hole”. The Bloom Socket is part of the Droog collection. Click here to go to the Droog Design website where you can read an interview with Mina.

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  • Oh my, I love this so much, it is perfect in so many ways! I just finished replacing pretty much all of the switch plates on my rental b/c they were so gross, I wish I would have been this imaginative! I love your blog, I discovered you via Imedagoze.

  • Thanks for your comments!

    Isn’t this inspiring? I was happy to find this work of Mina. It makes me look at different ways to decorate my home.