Women for Women

I like beautiful things. I like to surround myself with it and I like to write about it. Why? Because as Phil Ochs (US protest singer) said: ‘In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty.’ I realise that there are many people who are not so fortunate as I am. People who do not care about stuff, simply because they even haven’t got a home to go to. Men and women who have lost everything, including their family, because of e.g. war. Today I would like to share with you one of the organisations that I support.

Women for Women helps women in war-torn regions rebuild their life by giving them financial and emotional support, job skills training, rights education, access to capital and assistance in small business development. This organisation matches women survivors of war with a sponsor (a ‘sister’) who provides $27 in monthly financial support for one year. These funds allow these women to obtain basic necessities for their families like food, clean water, medicine, school books for their children or seed money for projects to earn an income. Sponsors and their ‘sisters’ also exchange letters. For a woman who may have lost everything or who feels isolated, letters of support help renew her hope for a better future. Visit the Women for Women website for more information about where and how they work. Click here if you would like to sponsor a ‘sister’. If $27 is a bit too much for you to spare, perhaps you can sponsor someone together with some friends.

You can also buy a handmade product from the Bazaar. For example, these lovely hats (picture above) are hand-crafted by women in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Kate Spade. By purchasing one of these products, you are making a direct investment in a woman – and helping her to rebuild her life, family and community.

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