Organising books by spine color

Victoria’s post at sfgirlbybay about her organizing her books by spine color brought a smile to my face. Do you think she is a superfreak? I don’t! I can totally relate to this. I can’t stand clutter and therefore I like to arrange things by color and for aesthetic reasons. So to me it is perfectly normal to arrange books by color. If you think we are superfreaks, then look at this the photo below that I took at a café in Copenhagen, Denmark, called The Laundromat. You probably have to admit that these color organised books do look gorgeous…..
By the way, this café is a must visit when you are in Copenhagen. It serves excellent cappuccinos and a very delicious smorgasbord. In this cafe in hip Nørrebro you can also do your laundry (hence its name) and all second-hand books are for sale.

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  1. i organized my books by color when i was little. this is a bookshop in SF that temporarily reorg’d its books by color. i saw it in person and it was amazing.

  2. I totally love this idea…one of my college professor’s (an art historian) does this in her office, and I drool every time I walk past. I really want to do this but I’m unsure about the practicality. I have a lot of books and I feel like I’d have trouble finding them…hmm.
    By the way, I found your blog via design*sponge and I’m totally loving it! Keep up the good work.

  3. yes, I saw the same post and smiled myself 🙂 Then got to work to rearrange my own and now it looks so much better.
    I really like your blog – just came across it at AT, and love it – so clean and uncluttered 🙂

  4. Welcome Asliee! Your rearranged books look great!

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