Mud Australia

Mud Australia produces ceramics in the most gorgeous colours. Their porcelain range is hand made from Limoges and imperial porcelain. The pigment is tinted in the porcelain at the slip stage to provide colour depth. The end result is a product that perfectly combines a minimalist aesthetic with a clearly hand made finish while providing a soulful alternative to mass produced & highly manufactured ceramic design. Mud Australia is sold world-wide. Are you interested in their beautiful products? Click here to find a stockist in your country.

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  • Danielle – Did you see my Mud post or is this just coincidence because I’m sitting here totally laughing right now!! I’m mean, how cool is this. 🙂 I blogged about them too – and it was totally on a whim.

    I think we’re on the same page today, lady!


  • This such a coincidence Holly! I was in Amsterdam yesterday and saw ceramics that reminded me of Mud Australia. I decided to post about them when I came home (and had little time). It was on a whim as well. We were probably working on this post at the same time. What are the odds… Very funny!