Inspired by: Home

If you are inspired by Home‘s beautiful interior and you would like to recreate some of the hotel’s atmoshpere and look in your own home, please find below some styling ideas.
vintage wallpaper
For the bedroom walls two wallpaper patterns have been used. You can find vintage wallpaper (like used by Home) on Ebay. These vintage designs I found on the website of 5qm, a German shop that has a large collection of vintage wallpaper. The design on the left is called Tapete 408, the wallpaper at the right is Tapete 10701435.

Style idea: the pattern of the wallpaper is repeated by using a framed piece of wallpaper as art. You can easily apply this idea of repetition and consistency of colour and pattern in your home. Just save some wallpaper and be creative!

If you are looking for a leave pattern wallpaper similar to the one used by Home, try Palm Leaves by Cole & Son. This design is available in various colours.

(left photo: copyright Pineapple Ice Bucket)

Throughout the hotel (vintage) glass vases are used as colourful accessories. The vase on the left is a 1970’s vase from Riihimaki Riihimaen Lasi made from turquoise glass (80 pounds). I found this gorgeous piece at Pineapple Ice Bucket. More wallet friendly are the glass vases on the right. They are from IKEA and cost €6.95 in Europe and US$6.99 in the US.

I hope that this post has been inspirational to you!

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