Lunch with 5.5 designers at Droog Design

Last Sunday Droog organized a lunch with the name Self Food Factory. It wasn’t a lazy Sunday afternoon for the 40 guests who visited this do-it-yourself lunch, which was designed and executed by 5.5. designers. Everybody had to work for their food, but at the same time had the chance to eat from the unique tableware which the designers produced in collaboration with the workers of French porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud.
For 2,5 hours 5.5 designers became the management team of the factory and instructed the guests what was expected from them: which was making their own lunch. But first everybody had to change their clothes for typical factory clothing. Ingredients were combined, flavours were mixed and guests created their own favourite taste. Every 5 minutes the factory bell announced a new course, reminding the workers to finish their meal. The 7-course lunch ended with a session of tea and coffee, including the sugar teacup handle created by 5.5 designers.

Droog’s next special event is on February 12th. Then a “dinner with Flemish Masters”, with jewellery designer Sofie Lachaert and painter Luc d’ Hanis will be organised. For more information you can contact Droog. Or, if you are in The Netherlands and would like to join this dinner, you can contact me and perhaps we can organise a get-together of like-minded design & food lovers.

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