Dutch Disturbance

lamp judith vd boom
Dutch Disturbance is a collection of ceramic products designed by Judith van der Boom. The collection is about a redefinition of Dutch identity, and how people lose contact with their roots in an individualistic society. In a fast changing, multicultural society, Van den Boom asks herself: “How do we keep our Dutch identity, our heritage and our traditional values of life? Not by wearing wooden shoes, eating hearing, and living in a windmill. These clichés are no longer representing our Dutch way of living, and maybe never did.”
judith vd boom
Judith’s design statement:

“This story is my world, this world is my home, were I make and break my own laws. In this space reality connects with fiction and creates new directions. Being a designer gives me the freedom to walk over borders and man made ideas. Design doesn’t only exist for me in products. Design is a way of thinking and observing and creating space of unbound concepts”.

Click here to go to Judith’s website where you find more information and all her designs. She also has a blog where she gives a personal view on her work.

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