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Hollandsche Waaren is run by Anne-Marie Jetten. She has designed and produced a series of souvenirs that are all ‘made in Holland’. The common material used is ceramic: earthenware or porcelain and glazed in bright colours. Anne-Marie’s design philosophy: “There is to many mass production among tourism and typical Dutch presents are mostly a pain for the eye. I’ll try to find a way through it, by making a product with a sense of humor…”. Anne-Marie has also created some tablecloths and serviettes, in cooperation with the Textile Museum in Tilburg.

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A bit about the history of Delft Blue. In 1602, the V.O.C. (Dutch East India Company), imported Chinese white porcelain with beautiful blue decorations. The Dutch were taken with this porcelain. It quickly became very popular and a highly desirable commodity. The making of a popular Dutch variant started in Delft, a small city in Holland, and was therefore called ‘Delft Blue’. Until this day Delft Blue is world famous. Holland produces Delft Blue all over the world; production even went back to China, where it all once started. Some Delft Blue has lost touch with its glorious history and feeling.

With Hollandsche Waaren, Anne-Marie Jetten re-designs Delft Blue to restore the old feeling with a new look. Click here to see the whole collection. Some of the designs are available from &David.

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  1. Love the bottom of the rouge mugs… adorable and classy!

  2. I love ceramics with bold color. thanks for the link.

  3. ooooh! the red cups with delft bottoms. thanks for the post! i love your site.

  4. I love that little secret hidden on the red cups. The contrast of colors on these is so wonderful, too.

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