Anna Magdalena Johansson loves trees

Anna Magdalena Johansson is a young textile designer based in London. She has a great interest in everyday objects and is constantly exploring new ways of combining functionality and aesthetics. Anne Magdalena’s greatest source of inspiration is nature. Having grown up in rural Sweden, and then spent her adult life in London, has made her aware of the beauty in the contrast between nature and urban. This is something that is widely reflected in Anne Magdalena’s work, which incorporates both a natural and a modern feel.

room divider
The Tree Room Divider has little holes in the paper which let light shines through. The silhouette of a tree is then made visible. Isn’t this gorgeous?!

fabrics and wallpaperAnne Magdalena has also designed a beautiful collection of wallpaper and fabrics. This girl sure loves trees! The wallpaper designs are screen printed on paper. The fabric designs are also screen printed. Check out Anne Magdalena’s website if you would like to see more of her designs. If you are interested in her work, you can contact the young designer at

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