My ‘projects’ for 2007

photo living room
I am not the type of person to have New Year’s resolutions. I know I have to go to the gym more often, I have to tell myself that all year round (and not just on January 1st). However I do set some interior decorating related goals every year. I would like to share with you the ones I have set for 2007. Perhaps you have some great suggestions!

The first one is to find new dining table chairs for my living room. I now have some wicker chairs (see above photo of my living room) but I would like to have a more modern look. My first choice are the (vintage) tulip chairs from Saarinen. Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn’t like them. Normally we are pretty much on the same page but the tulip chairs are a definite no go for him. Now I am thinking about Eames’ Eiffel plastic chair in white. Nothing is decided yet, suggestions are very welcome!

photo living room
Another 2007 project is to get a new coffee table. The table is ordered and, as soon as it has arrived, I will post a photo of my updated living room.

Do you have any ‘projects’ for 2007? Let us know!

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  • I agree with your boyfriend Danielle I would go with the Eiffel Plastic chair, maybe in red orange & the coffee table is beautiful. It’s going to come up gorgeous. I as well am about to start redecorating or new house and I’ll be posting photos of the process at my blog. I enjoy every minue of the precess.

  • Great coffee table and I like your idea of eames eiffel…or maybe Panton S chair? (I’ve always loved those). Whatever you choose, I’ll be awaiting the pics!
    As for projects, I’m having my basement finished next month to include a media room for my stupidly huge tv, and I desperately need new kitchen cabinets (Ikea of course). Then there’s replacing some linoleum flooring with tile (front hall and bathrooms), redoing the 3 bathrooms….endless list but sadly not an endless pocketbook 🙁

  • Yes Danielle the tulip chair would be fabulous with it’s “negative” space under the table but the Eames will be just as good. I’m living out of boxes at the moment in a temporary rental. Looking to buy a new apartment but can’t find the right one in the right area. So the chance to just unpack everything in 2007 would be fabulous.

  • My BIG project: decorate a whole new house (which we hope to find very soon…)
    Love youe project though and I am very curious on which chairs you two will decide.
    We had a lovely time last Saturday!

  • Thanks for your helpful suggestions and for sharing your projects! I think we all an use an endless pocketbook…

    Good luck with all the (re)decorating and househunting!

  • The Eiffel chairs are a great substitute for the Saarinen, what is it with these boys, my boyfriend extremely dislikes the tulip chairs also and I love them. I would a agree with a few of the other posts that a great vibrant color would look nice with your dining table opposed to the white chairs.

    You living room is extremely soothing, makes me feel like somewhere I’d like to be on vacation, like there should be beach outside your french doors (which I love by the way) instead of the street.