Flavia del Pra

Designer Flavia Del Pra is well-known for her colourful and original designs. The ceramicist and textile designer was born in Brazil but is now working and living in the UK. Her gorgeouos lamps have been featured in many magazines. Each lamp is unique and is created as an expression of the artist’s passions.
Flavia has also created a beautiful collection of tiles. With these hand-coloured tiles, available in different colours and patterns, you can create your own very unique bathroom or kitchen. Check out Flavia’s cute website for more information. Her designs are available from Bodie and Fou.

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  • This is a great, great find. thank you for sharing it with us. I would love one of those lamps I am going to check there prices right away. I’ll let you know if I was able to afford it. 🙂

  • The lamps are stunning, aren’t they?! Unfortunately, costing around $500, they are not very affordable. But I wanted to post about them anyway, perhaps they give you some inspiration (or a goal to start saving money..).

    Danielle x