Studio Ditte’s solution for bare light bulbs

When I moved into my current house, I couldn’t find the right lamp for my bathroom. After a while I didn’t even notice the bare light bulb hanging in my bathroom. Do you recognise this? Studio Ditte has found a great solution.
lamp by studio ditte
Light sheet is a lampshade that hangs directly on the light bulb. The lampshade consists of a plastic board which has small holes in a flower pattern. The light comes out through these holes, which creates a special light effect. Light Sheet is delivered broadsheet and can be folded into a lampshade in no time. Isn’t this a great and cheap solution? Click here to see Studio Ditte’s full collection.

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  • I have an old wall-mouonted light fixture – with bare light bulb – no cover … am searching for ways to cover the bulb ? … thanks