Gift Ideas for VERY GOOD Friends (up to € 250)

The last post in the Gift Guide series features gift suggestions in the price range up to €250 (US$ 310). So if you would like to splurge on your friends & family, check out these gift ideas! You can find less expensive gifts in the earlier posts: Gift Ideas for Friends (€ 0 – 50) and Gift Ideas for GOOD Friends (€ 50 – 100).

gift guide
First row, from left to right:
• Fleur Vase set by LightenUp! Designs (€88/$125, at Rare Device)
• Fatboy Marimekko (at Nonplusultra for €245 and at Modernseed for $299)
• Tonfisk Tea Set with tray (€169/$239, at peekkeep)
• Retro style radio (€70/$87, at Nonplusultra)
• Vlieger & Van Dam Guardian Angel bag (€179/$223, at Vlieger & Van Dam)

Second row, from left to right:
• Clock Wooden (€150/$187, at Nonplusultra)
• Lucy candle holder by Marcel Wander (€159/$198, at vivid)
• Teardrop Bottle vase by Sara Paloma (€77/$109, at Relish)
• Candleholder Tenochtitlan Driadekosmo (€139/$173, at Questo Design)
gift guide

First row, from left to right:
• Tudor vase by Feinedinge (€120/$150, at Feinedinge)
• Sponge Vase by Marcel Wanders (€126/$157, at poaa)
• Silver ring by Corina Rietveld (€115/$143, at Corina Rietveld)
• Story Line book shelf by Studio Frederik Roijé (€189/$235, at poaa)

Second row, from left to right:
• Laptop bag by Ineke Hans (€199/$248, at Vivid)
• Leather City Bag (€239/$298, at Herzallerliebst)
• Fold Table Light (€199/$248, at poaa)
• 13 Shot Glasses (€91/$129, at Generate)

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