Brunklaus Amsterdam

Check out these lights from Brunklaus Amsterdam! Aren’t they gorgeous? Light Delight (top photo) is available in two sizes, the Shady Tree light is available in three sizes. Both designs come in various colors.
Brunklaus Amsterdam was founded in 1998 by Nicolette Brunklaus. At first she was selling her designs via mail order. But soon the Dutch designer found herself selling wholesale to a national and international market. Nevertheless, the designs have always maintained a strong specific personal signature.

Brunklaus’ inspiration comes from imagery, scenes and stories, in which freedom of choice is essential. Brunklaus: “There will always be those who want to express their individuality and search for inimitable, unique products”. Brunklaus Amsterdam’s philosophy is that not only the quality of the object is vital, but it also needs to be a piece of art that enhances the surrounding space. Visit their website to see their complete collection. For information on retailers you contact their office at

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