Christien Meindertma’s giant knitwork

handknitted carpet
Christien Meindertma’s label FLOCKS is the result of her cooperation with a farmer in Wales. The Dutch designer created a clothing collection from the wool of a small flock of the farmer’s sheep. Each garment in the collection was produced from the wool of one single sheep. Her new Black Sheep collection is celebrating the black sheep, the odd one out in the flock. The collection is knitted from a variety of rare breeds from around the world, from black angora rabbits to alpacas. The gorgeous hand-knitted rug for example is made from the wool of 18 merino sheep.
handknitted carpet
You can see Christien’s full collection on her website. Her designs can be purchased from the Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam and Kakitsubata in Tokyo. The rug is made on demand, every size and color is possible, please contact FLOCKS if you have any questions (

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