Gift Ideas for GOOD Friends (€ 50 – 100)

Last week I posted Gift Ideas for Friends (€ 0 – 50). If you would like to spend more on gifts then check out the gift suggestions below which are in the price range €50 – 100 (US$60-120). In case you would like to splurge on your friends and family, then wait for the Gift Ideas for VERY GOOD Friends (€ 100 – 250) which will be posted later this week. I hope these ideas will help you to select a unique present for your loved ones. Enjoy them and let it be the start of a wonderful holiday season!

gift ideas
First row, from left to right:
• Egg vase by Marcel Wanders (€80/$100, at POAA)
• Address file from maple or black walnut (€53/$75, at Lovely Design)
• Retro style radio (€70/$87, at Nonplusultra)
• Wina necklace from Arena CPH (€73/$90, at Illums Bolighus)

Second row, from left to right:
• Cofflinks from Polli (€53/$75, at Rare Device)
• Make-up pouch from Plunket & Pivet (€39/$55, at Plunket & Pivet)
• Bubble bud vase by Andrew DeWitt (€60/$85, at Rare Device)
• Leaf Lamp by Mathilda Wester (€89/$110, at POAA)

gift ideas
First row, from left to right:
• Porcelain flower vase (€49/$69, at greenergrassdesign
• Black rings necklace by Rena Tom (€46/$65, at Rare Device)
• Resin-filled teardrop vase by Derek Chen (€42/$60, at greenergrassdesign)
• LOVE-LIFE pillow (€69/$98, at Base)

Second row, from left to right:
• Wood & Silver cuffs by Tadd Sackville-West (€53/$75, at A+R)
• Zen teapot (€39/$55, at Rare Device)
• Ghost Candelabra by Jon Russel (€46/$65, at A+R)
• Monza leather iPod cover (€64/$90, at Jack Spade)

gift ideas
First row, from left to right:
• Laptop bag by Snap Design (€66/$94, at greenergrassdesign)
• iCarta stereo dock with bath tissue holder (€53/$75, at TigerDirect
• Tapas bowls and plate by Feinedinge (€65/$80, at Feinedinge)
• Candle cup with perforated pattern by Feindedinge (€39/$55, at Peek Keep)

Second row, from left to right:
• Tea cups with high stem by Hrafnkell Birgisson (€35/$49, at Generate)
• Gator clock by Furni Creations (€85/$120, at chocosho)
• Travel document case by Alfredo Haberli(€64/$90, at A+R)
• LOVE-LIFE pillow (€69/$98, at Base)

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