Stove made from old Volkswagen parts

If you, like me, love designs made from recycled materials then you should definitely check out this gorgeous stove made from old Volkswagen parts.
H.O.T. Creative Designs is a little firm run by artist blacksmith Daniel Harding in Cornwall, United Kingdom. His HOTPOD stove was born out of necessity as he tried to stay warm while living in an old VW surf-bus. Built from recycled gas cylinders and old VW parts, the HOTPOD is an exercise in function and form. After several iterations, Harding decided to market a limited edition run of 350 units of this unique multi-fuel stove. The design of the HOTPOD may have evolved, but it’s original function remains: to warm the soul. Visit Harding’s website if you would like to warm your soul with this unique stove.

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