Susan Bijl’s New Shopping Bag

shopping bag by susan bijl
Designer Susan Bijl is the winner of this year’s Deshima Award. This award is meant to recognize extraordinary achievement of Dutch companies with regard to the Japanese market.
colours shopping bag by susan bijl
The Dutch designer, who was also present at 100% DESIGN Tokyo, is well known for her New Shopping Bag. This reusable bag, made from heavy duty kite-grade nylon, gives a solution to the enviromental unfriendly plastic bags. This way we can shop with a clear consciense and still be fashionable, as the bag comes in various vibrant colour combinations. Go to the colour matrix on Susan’s website and choose your favourite colour combo.

The New Shopping bag is already very hot in Japan. Recently featured in Nylon and Real Simple magazine, I wonder if the US will be the next country that will fall for Bijl’s colourful designs?

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