Karin van Lieshout

After graduating from the Design Academy, Dutch designer Karin van Lieshout started up her Eindhoven based design studio in 2001. Karin’s design philosophy is that as much focus should be on the meaning of things and their cultural and emotional value as on the technological process. Inspired by handcraft, combined with new materials her goal is to develop products with a visual elegance.
design karin van lieshout
The gorgeous chair Sea-urchin (right photo) and lamp Dandelion natural (left photo) were created together with Rachel van Outvorst. Don’t you just love that chair? I do, but I have a thing for ‘bubble chairs’ (see my previous post about the Kata chair by Enzo Berti).

design karin van lieshout
This handmade hammock was also designed in cooperation with Rachel van Outvost. Karin about her designs: “With a lot of patience we were rewarded with beautiful new structures”. Visit Karin’s website for more information and to see her full collection.

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