Leather Lounge Chair’04 by Maarten van Severen

Established in 1913 in The Netherlands, design company Pastoe is a company richly endowed with history. Their key role in the development of Dutch design has always been characterised by sober minimalism. They recently launched their latest product, the Leather Lounge Chair’04 designed by Maarten van Severen
pastoe chair
The Leather Lounge Chair is refined, essential and down to earth. The side view is almost linear, but when viewed from the front this chair takes on a surprisingly different appearance with its single-sided armrest stretching from the seat like a wing. The armrest and comfortable seat – thanks to the natural elasticity of the leather and the pleasing angle of the back of the seat – give the Leather Lounge Chair ‘04 the comfort and ease of an armchair, whereas the shape gives the chair a more chaise lounge feel.

The Leather Lounge Chair ’04 is the result of four years’ hard work. During this process Maarten van Severen sadly passed away. His family continued to work on the project after Van Severen’s death. The completed design is not only very close to the original sketches, but also to the prototype Maarten van Severen himself made.
Go to the Pastoe website to see their full collection. Click here to find more information on where to buy Pastoe.

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