Polly George

After studying ceramics in the heart of the English ceramic world Stoke-on-Trent, English designer Polly George began to work for the Conran shops. Polly now designs and makes her beautiful handcrafted collections at her studio in Kent, England.
ceramics polly george
Her ceramics combine all white simplicity with a whimsical edge that makes each piece truly covetable. Using carefully sourced materials, the pieces are slip cast after which the pure and simple white shapes are individually stamped or decorated. Once fired, each item is hand dipped and fired again, giving it the trademark irregularities that can only be found in handmade ceramics. This way each item has it’s own individual character ensuring that no two are ever exactly the same. Polly’s most recent collection featuring butterflies landing delicately on handmade white cake stands, cups and saucers and teapots. For information on stockists, click here. You can also order from Polly directly.

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