Paola Navone for Lando

Paola Navone is the exception on the Italian design scene. For the past thirty years she has been a welcome feature of the otherwise male-dominated Italian design elite. Navone works as an interior designer and consultant to furniture and material manufacturers. In her designs she always tries to combine modern design with traditional handicraft. For Italian furniture company Lando the designer created the Gingerbread furniture series.
kast lando
The Gingerbread collection rediscovers the decorative power of wood trough unusual shapes, materials and styles to create fascinating contemporary effects. Part of the collection is this gorgeous bookcase, which is made of rough, solid wood supported by white ceramic vases.

bed lando
Also part of the Gingerbread collection is this bed with a beautiful, wood crafted head board. For their complete collection and information about retailers, please visit the Lando website.

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