The Art of Shoe Storage

shoe storage
If you, like me, have problems storing (and finding..) shoes in your closet and you don’t like conventional shoe racks? Then the stylish Shoe Wheel by Rakku is THE thing for you. The Shoe Wheel is a ingeniously designed mobile storage unit with twenty expandable pockets that can hold up to thirty pairs of shoes. Available in white, black and silver from Rakku ($65).(seen on

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  1. I’m a shoe fiend myself and just discovered this ingenious Shoe Wheel. Actually blogged about it myself, too! Just wish it wasn’t so expensive …

  2. where can i purchase a wheel, i live in canada

  3. I would also like to purchase a shoe wheel and live in New Zealand and would like to know where to get one from

  4. just saw this amazing rack in a magazine and had to find it. So sorry it cost so much money. What is the shipping cost like. I am living in the Caribbean.

  5. Just wanted to say a big thank you to style-file – saw this fabulous shoe storage product on your blog and we are now stocking and distributing it on our site Shoe Wheel by Rakku at tszuji

  6. Unfortunately, in order to store my shoes, I would require a Shoe Wheel the size of the London Eye. Nice idea tho’.

  7. Maurice Ciganda

    I think it`s pretty ugly

  8. Ugly schmugly. No more ugly than having a pile of 60 shoes at the bottom of your closet…

    but my question is: does it work with clunkier types of shoes? Like Doc Martens?

  9. That’s pretty awesome, even though I have about 5 pairs of shoes total. I don’t think it’s ugly, I like things that look all… efficient and compact like that. To me, that makes something stylish.

  10. I have one of these, its actually quite useful.

  11. So where is the remote control?

  12. Can I fit my Dr Marten collection in there?

  13. Pretty funky shoe storage system. I like it. Very inventive.

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  15. that is so cute .. but it would work if you have alot of shoes in the same style … i dont have that .. i got a storage problem in my house so i keep my eyes open lol

  16. I saw this great storage system at “Home Outfitters” in Victoria, British Columbia. The cost was about $40.00

  17. I am a organized freak. Can I get this for men’s shoes??

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  19. ohhh my gad :)) nice

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