Tulip Vases by Lotte van Laatum

tulip vases

Lotte van Laatum works as a contextual designer. She searches for ways where design can contribute in a positive way to society. With this vision in mind, she has created a collection of tulip vases based on the idea of a shared identity.

It was around 1600 that Dutch diplomats brought the tulip from Turkey to The Netherlands. Since then, the tulip has been a national symbol for both countries. The Tulipa vases express this shared identity by combining the shapes of the traditional Dutch tulip vases with the traditional Turkish tulip patterns from the caftans of the sultans (right photo).

The vases, available from November, will cost between € 50 – 60. You can contact Lotte at information@lottevanlaatum.nl for more information.

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  • I like this vase design and decoration.
    The combination of color, history and fabric design.
    She also use memories of traditional dutch mono chromatic pottery decoration (usually cobalt blue).
    Did you know the botanic origin of tulips is our “Holly Land” (Israel)?

  • Not a good design – the pattern’s beauty is lost within the form of the vase (whose interesting outline also remains unnoticed) and in comparison with the natural beauty of the real flower. The contrast with the balanced and harmonious design of the caftans also does not work in favour of the vases design.