Kiki van Eijk’s carpets

Over the years the internationally acclaimed Design Academy in Eindhoven has produced many great designers. One of them is Kiki van Eijk who graduated cum laude at the Design Academy in 2000. Now Kiki’s own collection is presented in galleries and museums in cities as London, Paris, New York, Milan, Tokyo, and Amsterdam.

carpet kikispecial
Kiki’s most well known design is her famous Kiki Carpet. This carpet is inspired on the strange proportions that 19th century doll houses have. The technique used looks like a giant embroidery stitch and is developed by Kiki herself. Other carpets created by this young designer are Rose Lace and Hexagon Lace. Both are modern carpets made with traditional techniques. Different sizes and colors are available on request.

carpet rose lace
For the Rose Lace carpet Kiki has used a blow up from a small lace pattern (used in doll houses). The effect is a visible high-low contrast, just as in real Dutch lace.

carpet hexagon
All together the hexagons of the Hexagon Lace carpet form a geometrical lace pattern that gives a graphic effect. The colors are strong and vivid which strengthens the high-low contrast.

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