Sleeping Beauty by Nadine Sterk

dutch design week
One of the most innovative and original designs at the Dutch Design Week’s Graduation Galleries 2006 was in my opinion Sleeping Beauty by Nadine Sterk. This young designer has created a lamp that develops like a living organism. Similar to living organisms, this lamp contains all the essential “mechanisms” that will enable it to develop. All it needs is energy. If switched on, the lamp slowly starts to grow by knitting its own lampshade.

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  • I love your blog Danielle. I have to make you my blog of the week as soon as I get a clue on how to update my blog template because it’s been having major issues over the past 6 weeks. I trued to update it before leaving the states with no luck. Can you send me a small image to place in my left column with your blog logo or something? A jpg or bmp would work. 120×120 or smaller.

  • Excelente matéria. Um marca interessante é Redken NYC, veja mais em Lá possui diversas outras marcas como Kérastase tb. Parabéns!!!