la cerise sur le gateau

“La Cerise Sur Le Gateau” (the cherry on the cake) is Anne Hubert’s textile label that she started in 2005. Anne, a graduate from the college of applied arts, lives and works in Paris, France.
“From fairy tales to Wong Kar Wai movies, from Polaroid images to Rinko Kawauchi photos, from holiday souvenirs to notepad scribbles, Anne Hubert takes inspiration from the sunny side of life and feeds her imagination with it. She then reinterprets it with taste.”

Click here to learn where Anne’s gorgeous products are being sold. Her online shop will be opened soon.

2 Responses to la cerise sur le gateau

  1. I’m selling Anne Hubert’s product for a long time now and I love them a lot!!!! Happy to see you love them too….

  2. I love the collage of pictures. Love that look. I am thinking of trying that at my place.