jewellery designer pia aleborg

Pia Aleborg is a jewellery designer from Göteborg, Sweden. She makes the most beautiful jewellery that reflects and responds to things that she experiences and sees in her daily life. This can be anything from a vague feeling to something very concrete that becomes the starting point in her work. Pia: “Jewellery is, for me, the ultimate tool for investigating and expressing my thoughts and ideas because of the direct and immediate way it interacts with the body and therefore the personal sphere. Jewellery can be very intimate but also extremely superficial. I find this wide range fascinating and by mixing the two it becomes even more appealing”.

I love the necklaces from the In the Act-collection (featured in the images above) as they are inspired by nature. You can visit Pia’s website to see more of her gorgeous designs.

(via hoping for happy accidents)

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  1. What beautiful jewelry!

  2. Beautiful! The web is a funny place. I live 10 minutes form Göteborg, but I come to your blog to read about her. She is new to me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those necklaces are so beautiful. I love the upper left one.