retro-style interior with colour

Last month we talked about white interiors and furniture. This week will be about colour! To start I want to show you this retro-style interior in which bright turquoise and orange have been used as accent colours. I normally tend to stick with neutrals for walls and then add some colour by using colourful accessories. But these gorgeous turquoise walls could make me change my mind! I also like the Eames dining chairs in different colours and shapes.

More colourful interiors, art & home accessories to come later this week!

(images from Image Location)

11 Responses to retro-style interior with colour

  1. this is exactly the place i’m dreaming of … lots of light !

  2. I love this place! 🙂

  3. I love the turquoise color and want this in my kitchen but I have to wait haha
    And I love the retro style!

  4. Oh, that place makes me weak at the knees! I’ve seen it in other magazines before, but reckon these are better shots than any others. Wish I could cut them out for my scrapbook!

  5. This place feels so right, chilled and relaxed plus fun….. Works so well

  6. I’ve gone through your blog. I am pleased I came back another time. Good reading, thanks.

  7. I just read a few other posts on here. Good thing I saw it once more. Nice work

  8. Thanks for such a share. I clearly loved reading through it and definitely will discuss it with my family.

  9. Maybe there are other people in here just like me who thinks the same about this issue, because for me it isn’t a big issue.

  10. I helpful to reflect on these things too , fortuitously I found something that gave me meaning in my sprightliness, and no, it was n’t jessus. Hope you’ll find it someday. Great article ;).

  11. Keep working ,great job!