Stencil your garden

Create a pattern in you garden with these stencils from Rlos design. Place the stencils on the grass, remove them after a couple of days and voila: a gorgeous pattern!

French company Rlos Design are behind this clever idea. The Jardin a la Francaise stencils can be bought in a pack of seven and cost €45. Visit the Rlos Design website for more information (it is in French) or email them at

5 Responses to Stencil your garden

  1. What a charming idea! I’m loving all your outdoorsy posts – it’s getting awfully cold and wintery down South, so it’s good to see you guys getting a bit of sunshine!

  2. What a lovely idea! I do hope it´s ok if I show this on my blog and link to you?

  3. Isn’t this amazing!? I saw this last year… and I forgot all about it. Perfect time of year to add some panache to our outdoor space… spring is here, summer is near. (:

  4. What a clever idea.

  5. that is positivley fantastic!