Nadia Sparham

ceramic plates
Nadia Sparham’s gorgeous designs are hand made (with the exception of the glaze ceramics). It is of utmost importance to this UK designer that her products are contributing to the preservation of handcrafts and not to the escalation of unethical and bland mass production. Nadia’s products offer something luxurious and unusual for the home. The original designs are either digitally or hand screen-printed, appliquéd and embroidered onto silks, wools and cottons.
Nadia’s ceramics are UK sourced, recycled or hand built. The designs are digitally or screen-printed and hand applied by decal. If you like a particular design, full dinner services or tea/coffee sets can be made to order. Visit Nadia’s website to see her full collection of ceramics and homeware products.

The multi-talented designer also does some beautiful murals. These are applied directly to the wall, using a variety of media, including paint, marker pen, fabric, buttons, sequins, ribbon, suede or whatever suits best. They can be designed especially for your room. Contact Nadia for more information on pricing and availability.

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4 Responses to Nadia Sparham

  1. i like the murals.
    my next project is a baby’s room and i really wanted to do fun murals on the wall so thanks for sharing =)

  2. Thanks Jenn! For more inspiration for your baby room, check out this mural created by designer Vanessa de Vargas. You can see it at her blog Turquoise:

  3. Wow! I really like this persons work!
    I love the patterns and color combinations. The murals are nice. I think that the dishes are just lovely!

  4. I really like the colors and how the patterns reach out and grab you so to speak.