Crochet Chair by Marcel Wanders

crochet chair
With the Crochet Chair, Marcel Wanders has created a new application for traditional crochet. The chair is constructed from individual, hand-sewn crochet flowers that are stitched together, formed over a mould and stiffened with resin. The open structure and lightness of the chair provides a nice contrast with the massive marble side table, Solid White. The Crochet Chair was launched last month at Smart Deco, a show held at Design Miami.

UPDATE: Apparently showbiz couple Beyonce and Jay-Z has a great sense of style as rumour has it that they bought one of Wander’s Crochet Chair while visiting Design Miami.

5 Responses to Crochet Chair by Marcel Wanders

  1. I am a sucker for all things “pretty” like this chair, but bringing “pretty” things home for my boyfriend to have to live with too is another story! (ie. chandeliers – touchy subject)

  2. Totally loving all your creations… truly beautiful.

  3. Mmmm, I like these. The light, airy lace contrasts oddly with the bulky, solid stone shape. Weird and cool.

  4. I am an undergraduate on a Knitted Textiles course and currently writing an essay on your work. You truly are an inspiration.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. . .I just love it!